Morocco camel tours
Welcome to our local tour operator website Morocco Camel Tours and welcome to Morocco!. Our country is well known for its old medinas with colourful zocos, different landscapes, ancient traditions and tasty gastronomy. What would be Morocco without our tea? But surely you have also heard about barganing in Morocco or the lack of timeless of moroccain people.
We work for making sure you get the most of your trip to Morocco. This is going to be not just a holiday but a real experience. You will see enjoy as much highlights as your time in our country will let you. But indefferently of the time you will spend here we will make sure you experience the real Morocco with its great and of course not so good facts. We want you to get an authentic and personal idea of what Morocco is.
In moroccocameltours.com you will find our Morocco Desert Tours, day excursions and different activities in the desert. If you have already organized your itinerary on your own you can also find different activities in the Merzouga Desert, the Sahara Desert in Morocco. With us you can enjoy a camel ridding in the Merzouga desert, a night in a berber camp among the biggest dunes of Morocco camel rides or 4×4 tours around the desert. You can also find other outdoor activities such as healthy sand baths, sand-board or moroccain food cooking lessons.
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