Historydraft is one of the leading websites about history for using cutting-edge technologies to make the storytelling experience as immersive as possible using maps for different eras in history: B.C., A.D., and modern history On this day.
The website supports Searching history stories on map directly to find historical events by location around you or anywhere in the world. You can use this service to time-travel and relive all the important events that changed our past to form our present.
All of that and more are divided into History stories collections that include wars like world war I and world war II, politicians, and presidents throughout history. The website also includes medical stories, scientists, and inventions. The website contains collections about the suffering of some minorities that the past wronged, and the history was fairer. Also, the website includes stories about sportsmen, like Mohamed Salah, Messi, and Beleh, and another section about the greatest women in history, like Mother Tresa, Mary Curie, and Angela Merkel. You can view each and every single story using different visualizations in our astonishing storyteller, as a timeline, or as an article. You can also view a collection combined in a single graph; you can even see the whole history of mankind in a single timeline.
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