Being pregnant
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In this article, we will discuss together being pregnant early pregnancy symptoms before the missed period so that it is easier to identify the presence of pregnancy or not and then take the necessary rest and effort, rather than abortion in that period or to take harmful drugs harmful to the pregnant and the fetus.
The feeling of vomiting as well as vomiting itself is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and delayed menstruation. So if you are waiting for the news of pregnancy, you should rest when such an offer appears until the date of the menstrual cycle is delayed and then you do the necessary analysis to make sure there is a pregnancy or not.
Also, the symptoms that appear before menstrual delayed headache is strong and come and go and even make sure there is a pregnancy or not you do not take any harmful painkillers to treat headaches the best solution here is to take paracetamol is very safe for pregnancy and the fetus.
Mild colic is also a symptom of pregnancy that appears before the interruption of the menstrual cycle, but it may also be a sign of bleeding. Therefore, make sure to rest completely and not take the painkillers except the paracetamol, which we have mentioned above until the analysis is confirmed and the absence of the menstrual cycle on time.
Of course, nervousness and tension and anxiety are the most important signs of pregnancy known to many people, but also can be associated with delayed bleeding menstrual blood in general and here if you feel these symptoms wait until the arrival of the menstrual cycle if you do not come national tests, if there is no pregnancy, you can take hormonal drugs in order to come down menstrual blood and not retained inside you.
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