Desert private tours
Prime Morocco Tours Agency is a specialized travel agency with a very large choice of private tours in Morocco. Our team is formed with experienced Moroccan guides who speak many languages depending on the guest; English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Tamazight (Berber) and know a lot about Moroccan culture and history.
Prime Morocco Tours Agency can plan different types of tours depending on the guests. Sometimes we receive guests who want to enjoy the peaceful places in Morocco and some the opposite they search for fun time with cultural events and taste traditional food others may like to go for hiking and tricking on mountains. Whatever is the demand of our guest we are open to listen, and make it possible for them.
Our team is ready to work with guests with different needs and anticipations. As our guests make their decision of a tour in Desert private tours, Prime Morocco Tours team is working on it to give you the best tour in a safe and credible conditions with highly recommended guides who will join you during your voyage. The team will work with you according to your dates, expectations and interest in order to give you the best tour. We are going to stand up for you will have the best tour since you land in to time you will go back home
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